Is the museum open to the public?

The CHP Museum is open to the general public by prior appointment. While the museum doors are always open, it is housed at the CHP Academy, where access is restricted due to ongoing training of CHP Officers and cadets. To make an appointment, e-mail CHPMuseum@gmail.com. Arrangements can be made for Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00.

Are there plans to open a separate museum accessible to the general public?

Our long-range goals include the construction of a separate building to house an expanded CHP Museum where our artifacts and vehicle can be properly displayed and maintained. It is our desire to do this without using state funds so that the CHP Museum can truly be a museum built by the people of California and the world.

Will the museum do research on historical questions?

We will attempt to answer any questions sent to CHPMuseum@gmail.com, however our capacity is limited.

How do I sponsor a Museum exhibit?

By contacting the Museum’s Director at CHPMuseum@gmail.com. Exhibit sponsorships range in price from $25,000. to $100,000. depending on which exhibit it is. The sponsor’s name is prominently displayed on the exhibit for up to five years, depending on the exhibit.

How do I donate to the CHP Museum?

Use the DONATE tab on the homepage. It will lead you to the Museum’s PayPal account where you can make the donation of your choice.

Is the museum – taxpayer funded?

No, the CHP Museum receives no state funds; we rely exclusively on donations and sponsorships to fund any new exhibits or ongoing costs.

Are any volunteer opportunities available?

If you have a particular skill set that you think might benefit the Museum and you have sufficient time available to volunteer, send a note of interest to the Museum Director at CHPMuseum@gmail.com.

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